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Art Placement Program for Small Businesses

Our Art Placement Program allows local small businesses to have access to beautiful, unique pieces of artwork for their establishment while providing them the opportunity to earn additional revenue with each piece sold as well as drive additional traffic to their location.

Participating businesses select up to 5 pieces to display throughout their location.  Each piece includes pricing information as well as small advertisement items with The Angsty Artist's logo and web address.

When a customer purchases a piece displayed in the business' location, the business receives a commission of 33% of the sale price.

In addition, customers browsing a piece of art on will be directed to the specific business where it is displayed should they wish to see it in person.  

The Art Placement Program is a fantastic way for local businesses to beautify their establishments at no charge while earning additional revenue at the same time!

To find out what pieces are currently available for your location please contact James Covert at or call 402-996-0948.

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