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Who among us isn't full of angst to some degree? 

         Am I unique? 

               Am I special?

                    Am I more than just one out of over 7 billion people on this Earth? 

                         Do I matter?


We all hear the voices in our mind calling out those same questions, it's part of being human.


Even though I know that I am uniquely created by a loving God who knows me personally and cares for me as an individual, if I'm honest, I still hear those questions echoing in my mind and soul... I still feel the angst of existing in this vast universe.

Rather than fight those feelings, to deny those questions are real, I choose to embrace that angst and to own it-  to allow it to propel me forward rather than cripple me... hence, I am The Angsty Artist.

My art comes from what inspires me and captures my imagination. 


Well, duh, right?  What does that even mean?  

I love seeing the potential in things, imagining what could be... especially when that potential is hidden in something damaged, used up or simply so plain it's never noticed by most. 


It could be a discarded section of corroded, gnarled copper pipe  that can be polished and hammered into a shiny new existence... or something as mundane and banal as a grain of quinoa or a chia seed that can be presented in a unique or even weird way that helps the viewer see something new and unexpected.


I know of nothing more damaged or gnarled than people; myself at the top (or perhaps bottom) of that heap.  I love how God can take a plain nobody who is broken, overlooked and ignored by everybody... or the damaged wreckage of what has become of a person's life... and turn it into something completely new, beautiful and special.  If we'll allow Him to, He takes each of us and redeems us into something beautiful just as an artist does with a piece of reclaimed wood or scrap metal.

That's why I love creating the art that I do... it makes me feel a little closer to Him in the process.

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